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At OROMED Healthcare, we have identified sleep-related problems and designed a unique sleep system that provides solutions to these problems and many other ailments, including Back, Neck pain and Stillbirth in particular. The ORO Advanced Sleep System is the world’s first and only “intelligent” bed. It comprises a unique mattress with Pressure Relief Comfort Recess and a motorised adjustable bed base with memory positions. It automatically adjusts as users turn in their sleep, thus maintaining the ideal sleeping position to give a restful night’s sleep. With this Sleep System, we have created a unique range of products for our three Divisions: Domestic, Health Care (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Home Care) and Hospitality Division. View Video demonstration of this unique Sleep System Below.

Additional Information

In addition to providing the utmost comfort for those in good health, ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed provides expectant mothers with ultimate comfort throughout pregnancy. And our latest invention ORO Baby Alarm helps expectant mothers reduce stillbirth miss happenings and provide safety by ensuring that when expectant mothers are turning from their side on the way to the other side, they never end up sleeping on their backs longer than a minute, enabling them to reduce stillbirth by half and save babies lives. 

The product’s unique features and benefits have been approved by NHS and proven on the UK domestic market with an almost 100% satisfaction rate. International solid patents have been granted for the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed and the OrRO Memory Recessed Mattress with its unique ‘pressure relief comfort recess’.

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