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Adjustable Beds

The other unique patented creations of OROMED INTERNATIONAL are ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed and ORO Mattress with its pressure Relief Comfort Recess that provide expectant mothers with ultimate comfort and a blissful night’s sleep throughout pregnancy that no other sleep systems can equal.

How Did You Sleep Last Night?

The good news is that EVERY morning could be a good morning because, with The ORO Advanced Sleep System, you will get a good night’s sleep every night.

Reading about The ORO Advanced Sleep System and viewing the videos could change your life forever and may be one of the smartest moves you have ever made.

So please read on. Rest assured; you won’t be disappointed.

Oro Advanced Sleep System

At this very moment, you can acquire the bed that will surely set the pattern for both comfort and elegance in the 21st century. Probably by the year 2030, others will adopt the technology. But you can have it now.

This means you can enjoy not just an adjustable and fully automatic adjustable bed.

Precisely what do we mean by “fully automatic”? How will ORO Advanced Sleep System be far superior to conventional, old-fashioned beds and other beds you may have seen advertised (with adjustable functions)?

The answer is both fascinating and beneficial.

First, we’ll build OROBED to your specifications. It’s YOUR bed. Do you want different controls and adjustments for the two sides? No problem. Do you want an adjustable massage? No problem. Do you want prevention of snoring function? No problem. Do you want to stop the snoring memory function? No problem. The one absolute pledge: Once you’ve slept in your OROBED, you’ll wonder how you tolerated whatever you’ve been sleeping on.

Now, you want to watch television or read. With one touch of a button, you adjust your OROBED so the back is as high as 85 degrees. (This position also relieves breathing problems, asthma, emphysema, hiatus,hernia, and sinusitis).

You want to elevate your tired feet. With one touch of a button, you adjust your OROBED so that your feet are raised. (This position also relieves circulation problems, rheumatic hip pains, sciatica, varicose veins, night cramps, swollen ankles, and water retention.

You want to relax as you’ve never relaxed before. With one touch of a button, you adjust your OROBED, so your head and feet are adjusted precisely as far as you desire.

You feel like a massage. Choose from a full body massage or a different neck/head, or foot massage. And don’t worry about falling asleep with the massage on. It shuts itself off after 30 minutes.

And now you want to go to sleep.

When ready to sleep, press the A button on your touchscreen mobile phone to put your OROBED into automatic mode.


From that moment on, your OROBED will care for you throughout the night while you are asleep. Whenever you turn in your sleep from one side to the other, your OROBED will automatically, slowly, and quietly re-adjust from the position you were sleeping into the new position you have pre-programmed and stored in the memory of your OROBED. Do you have to push any buttons again? No, you don’t. Your OROBED will do everything for you and still leave you in control while asleep. It will do nothing again until you turn into a new position.

Your OROBED is programmed to adjust automatically to positions you have stored in the bed’s memory as you turn in your sleep.

“My shoulder and arm are in the way when I lie on my side.”

So are everyone else’s. Sleeping on one’s side is undoubtedly the most comfortable position … but after a while, the weight of your body causes discomfort in your arm. And if your head is more than two inches higher than your body, your spine and neck will be out of alignment.

The ORO Latex Mattress is designed with an incredibly delightful “Comfort Recess”. This accommodates your shoulder and arm. What a difference!

The specially crafted “Advanced Technology” latex pillows that fit the Comfort Recess are added to your comfort. These pillows are unlike any that you have ever slept on before. They’re specially engineered to give you perfect comfort. And the pads are customized with height to your size and personal taste to ensure that your neck and spine are aligned in a straight natural posture. 

Lumpy mattress? You’ll never have that problem again.

Traditional mattresses are made of metal springs, usually wrapped in cloth and covered with fabric. Over time, the springs that get most of the weight gradually lose their flexibility. It’s natural for metals. You may have a spring on a door that develops the same problem. It must be replaced.

But you can’t replace the springs on a mattress without ripping it open and inserting new springs. Hardly logical! So many people ‘flip’ their beds. All they are doing is moving the mushy spot to the other side.

Enter the OROMATTRESS! This 21st-century mattress uses natural Latex materials that won’t develop soft spots and lumps; they can’t. Your OROMATTRESS is hypo-allergenic high-density 100% latex. This enables your OROMATTRESS to mould itself to your shape and size … and when you get up, it returns to its original shape. Sleep on it for a thousand nights. It will always “remember” its original condition.

ORO Latex Mattress with Pressure Relief Comfort Recess

Will the ORO mattress make me hot?

Many people have complained that memory foam mattresses can be so hot that they wake up at night. Not the ORO Mattress. We solved that problem with our unique design of the Latex mattress that includes thousands of holes to enable free air circulation. This keeps your body at the most comfortable temperature for sleeping.

Mattress Getting Hot –

A beautiful night’s sleep on an attractive bed

Of course, you also can choose a single control or dual controls with separate mattresses on each side of the bed. Your OROBED is in every way the Bed YOU want; with the features YOU want and the design YOU want.

Snoring problems?

Snoring is not a unique phenomenon for an individual. Worldwide there are over one billion people who snore. Statistics show that 60% of men and 40% of women snore, and 80% of people who snore don’t even think they do. This can be a big issue if your partner snores. Snoring can get so bad that many couples can’t even sleep together. Currently, 23% of US couples sleep in separate bedrooms; at this rate, it is predicted that by 2030 60% will be sleeping apart. With the OROBED Advanced Sleep System, we have developed and patented two unique features, the ‘prevention of snoring ‘and the ‘stop snoring’ functions, enabling many couples to sleep together in perfect harmony once again.

In conclusion,

ORO Advanced Sleep System is such a cost-effective long-term investment. If you’re experiencing pain in your back or shoulders, it will provide lasting relief. If you’re not, the improvement in your sleep quality will manifest itself in all areas of your life. You’ll be more focused and alert at work. You’ll have more energy to enjoy your leisure time. You’ll find yourself adopting a more positive outlook on everything. It’s hard to imagine an area of your life where better sleep won’t improve it! It’s impossible to overstate the benefits of regular, quality sleep. It’s one of the primary factors determining your overall health and well-being. This is especially relevant to all expectant mothers.