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ORO Advanced Latex Mattress

What is the key to getting a good night’s sleep? The answer may surprise you…

We’re often told to consider our posture when sitting or standing to avoid back and shoulder problems. As a result, you may already practise daily avoiding slouching and sitting up straight as much as possible during the day.

But how often do you consider your posture when you sleep? Unfortunately, you can’t monitor your posture while you sleep – we are very much at the mercy of our mattresses and beds.

The unique ORO Mattress Pressure Relief Comfort Recess

When combined with specially shaped pillows, this recess – called the Pressure Relief Comfort Recess – ensures that you will always be properly supported, throughout the night.

You will find the ORO Advanced Sleep System also helping to improve circulation and remedy any aches and pains in your back and shoulders.

This elegantly simple solution is the key to the effectiveness of the ORO Latex Mattress. The difference is so profound that most people who try it see an instant improvement and often experience what they describe as the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had- and as if they are floating!

ORO 100% Latex Mattress Core

The ORO Advanced Sleep System has a distinct patented component: ORO 100% Latex Mattress Core with its Pressure Relief Comfort Recess.

My shoulder and arm are in the way when I lie on my side. “So are everyone else’s, especially expectant mothers. Sleeping on one’s side is undoubtedly the most comfortable position … but after a while, the weight of your body causes discomfort in your arm. And if your head is more than two inches higher than your body, your spine and neck will be out of alignment. OROMED Latex Mattress is designed with an incredibly delightful Pressure Relief Comfort Recess, which accommodates the shoulder and, with the ORO unique pillow, ensures that the sleeper is held in the most ergonomically pressure-free position with the spine and neck held in a natural straight line from head to hips, enabling her to maintain a natural posture whilst asleep and at the same time removing the weight of the body from the shoulder. It provides an invaluable aid to circulation and creates the opportunity for long, undisturbed health-giving sleep while eliminating stiff necks, tense shoulders, or aching backs.

ORO 3FT Latex Mattress with Pressure Relief Comfort Recess & ORO Baby Alarm Package