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Stillbirth is when a baby dies before or during labour after 24 completed weeks of pregnancy, which is a tragedy for mothers and the whole family. Research suggests that out of one million pregnancies in the UK, 25% end up in baby deaths before birth. This tragedy is not unique to the UK but worldwide; there are millions more Stillborn Babies yearly.

A potential cause is when a pregnant mother sleeps on her back during the third trimester. The baby’s weight and uterus squeeze on the main arteries reducing the flow of blood and oxygen to the baby. Association between maternal sleep practices and late stillbirth – findings from a stillbirth case-control study. In 2011 a research trial in New Zealand made links between the risk of stillbirth and babies’ movements, In 2015 another research study in Sydney found that sleep position was linked to stillbirth. As well as a study led by Professor Alex Heazell at the Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre in Manchester ( confirming a link that if expectant mothers slept on their sides rather than their backs during the third trimester, they could halve the risk of stillbirth. Video:

Once we discovered these findings, we developed our latest invention, the ORO Baby Alarm, which encourages expectant mothers to always sleep on their side, which helps them reduce these miss-happenings and provide safety by ensuring that when they are turning from one side to the other, they never end up sleeping on their backs longer than a minute, enabling them to reduce stillbirth by half and save babies’ lives. Video: Stillbirth Solution by ORO – YouTube

We have been in contact with Professor Heazell, who, after examining ORO Baby Alarm, stated that, in principle, it is a good idea. And sent us a few suggestions that we found relevant and have incorporated into our production models.

Why are Standard Mattresses only OK for back sleepers but not so good for side sleepers?

There are a lot of different mattresses that claim to cure back pain and improve the quality of sleep. While some of these are good,  the reality is that they just don’t go far enough. For example, even with the best quality memory foam mattress, the sleeper will sink into it. However, the body’s weight will still be on the shoulder, and the shoulders will still be in the wrong position exacerbating any back problems they are already experiencing. The ORO Mattress, with its Pressure Relief Comfort Recess, will resolve both issues and is the key to its effectiveness of the ORO Mattress. The difference is so profound that most people who try it see an instant improvement and often experience what they describe as the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had.

Why was Gold Medal & Diploma awarded in Geneva for ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed among 1500 Inventors by an International jury?

Adjustable beds can help sleepers comfortably position themselves, but don’t consider that most people turn from back to side and vice versa during the night and that their beds should automatically readjust so that the mattress can support them as they do. To do this, one needs not just an adjustable bed but an automatically adjustable one. That makes the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed different from every other adjustable bed on the market: it provides accurate, lasting solutions to sleep-related problems, not short-term fixes. There is no other system like it available. Although the ORO Mattress delivers superb support, even if used with a conventional bed, for the ultimate sleeping experience, it should be paired with the ORO Memory Programmable Automatically Adjustable Bed Base. Video: OROBED-Automatically Adjustable Bed Part 1