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Why is a good night's sleep crucial to the quality of your life?

Quality sleep is as essential to health as a healthy diet and regular exercise. It affects how you look, feel, and perform daily and can immensely impact your long-term health. While you sleep, your brain and body work together to rest and recharge your body and mind. Sleep refreshes your brain, boosts your immune system, and repairs damaged cells. It also affects how you think, work, learn, react, interact, perform, and feel throughout the day. And especially for expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy.

Oro Baby Alarm

By combining the unique benefits of ORO Latex Mattress, ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed and ORO Baby Alarm System, we shall enable expectant mothers to reduce stillbirths and help save babies’ lives.

We are working passionately to help lower the risk of stillbirths and demonstrate how ORO Advanced Sleep System can help expectant mothers further reduce these risks.

How is the ORO Advanced Latex Mattress different to other Mattresses?

Why are Standard Mattresses only OK for back sleepers but not so good for side sleepers?

There are a lot of different mattresses that claim to cure back pain and improve the quality of sleep. While some of these are good, the reality is that they don’t go far enough. For example, even with the best quality memory foam mattress, the sleeper will sink into it. However, the body’s weight will still be on the shoulder, and the shoulders will still be in the wrong position exacerbating any back problems they are already experiencing. The ORO Mattress, with its Pressure Relief Comfort Recess, will resolve both problems and is the key to the effectiveness of the ORO Mattress. The difference is so profound that most people who try it see an instant improvement and often experience what they describe as the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had. This is especially in the case of pregnant mothers, as it will provide the ultimate comfort and blissful night sleep throughout pregnancy.

How is the ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed different from other adjustable Beds?

Why was Gold Medal & Diploma awarded in Geneva to ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed, among 1500 Inventors by an International jury?

Adjustable beds can help sleepers comfortably position themselves, but don’t consider that most people turn from back to side and vice versa during the night and that their beds should automatically readjust so that the mattress can support them as they do. To do this, one needs not just an adjustable bed but an automatically adjustable one. This makes the ORO Advanced Sleep System different from every other sleep system on the market: it provides accurate, lasting solutions to sleep-related problems, not short-term fixes. There is no other system like it available. Although the ORO Mattress provides superb support, even if used with a conventional bed, for the ultimate sleeping experience, it should be paired with the ORO Memory Programmable Automatically Adjustable Bed Base.

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